moringa oil suppliers

Moringa oil manufacturer and suppliers

We produce Moringa Oil by crushing the seeds and extracting Ben Oil. It is called ben oil due to its high concentration of behenic acid presence. It is edible in nature and does not turn rancid like other refined oils. Our moringa oil is clear, sweet and odorless and beyond is antioxidant rich. Its uses can be seen in cosmetics, hair care and skin. Our Moringa oil is highly absorbable on the skin and often considered to nurture your skin cells and to act as Anti-Inflammatory agent. The oil is seldom used in cooking foods but for the dressing of vegetables, salads and other green dishes. Adding further the oil has the potential to be used as biofuel.

Our method of extracting Moringa Oil:

  • We brown the seeds or pods in a skillet
  • Mash the seeds
  • Put the mashed seeds in boiling water
  • Moringa oil rises to the surface of the water where it is skimmed out