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Wholesale Moringa Products

Moringa is a well known tree grown in various parts of the World. Moringa is easily farmed in tropic regions of India, Africa and South America. We have built a rapport in this industry as a foremost manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. We have about 16 years of experience in Moringa Products sales across different regions and to varied peoples successfully. We believe in evolving from customers changing needs and that endeavor us in offering best of the quality products. The Medical science has also recognized very elaborately and authentically the great values from Moringa Oleifera species. Our products are available in the most intrinsic form that is obtained through advanced extraction process. We include seeds, leafs and fruits in our Herbal Products as per the defined food safety regulations. Hence we are able to give our products at a competitive price according to the distribution network.

Moringa Products

We are promoting several kinds of Moringa products for consumers living in different parts of the globe. We have experienced an acute increase in demand for Moringa plant, leafs, seed and fruit in industries like cosmetics, medicine, food, and beverages. Our Moringa Products range from eatables to herbal medicine and they are as follows:

  • Bulk Moringa Oil
  • Organic Moringa Powder
  • Organic Moringa Seeds
  • Moringa Dried Leaves
  • Moringa Capsule
  • Moringa Tree Gum/Supplement

Benefits of using our Moringa Products:

  • Reduces tiredness and mental fatigue
  • Enriches skin and prevent ageing
  • Improves immunity
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Super foods
  • Strengthen bones and teeth

Nutritional Value of Moringa

Moringa species is mostly edible and is in the form of the drumstick, seed pods, leaves, and flowers. The Leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant containing vitamin B, vitamin C, provitamin A as beta-carotene, vitamin K, manganese, and protein. WholeSale Moringa leafs can be cooked and eaten for a mid-day meal. The cooked leaves are copious with calcium oxalate that is highly nutritious. You can consume our Moringa Leaf Powder mixed in soups or sauces. Moreover, our Moringa powder is plenty of phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbohydrate minerals.

Where to buy Moringa Products

Moringa Products are manufactured and retailed through Jeesee Traders located in Chennai. You can send in your orders either by Invoice or through Email, directly sent to

About Moringa


Moringa is inherently habitual for its medicinal properties and so nicknamed “the miracle plant”. There are a dozen different types of Moringa trees that are sustaining, among which Moringa Oleifera is one species that is inveterately used in Ayurvedic medicines since ancient times. The tree is grown in hot and humid weather particularly in depleted dry soils, which makes it an enduring food for peoples living in countries like Somalia, Senegal, Philippines, and India, during times of famine and drought. The tree is usually seen to be distributing on fragile branches and leaves that are feathery foliage of tri-sect leaves.

Moringa plant is particularly known as a super food that is consumed for its Antioxidants, Minerals and Amino acids. The plant is extracted and used in several mutable forms like antioxidant tea, skin care, hair oil, capsules and health drinks. Moringa consumed on daily basis will provide you antioxidants, slow down aging, protect brain and heart health, improves the immune system and fight against inflammation of bodily parts.

Moringa Products

Moringa Oil

We produce Moringa Oil by crushing the seeds and extracting Ben Oil. It is called ben oil due to its high concentration of behenic acid presence. Read more…

Organic Moringa Seeds

We sell Moringa seeds that are dried and often found as the seed within the pods. The grayish white seed pods we sell is often steamed and boiled for ready consumption. Read more…

Moringa Capsules

We use moringa powder as a common ingredient for manufacturing gelatin capsules. It is one of the kind of diet which can be consumed.. Read more…


Organic Moringa Powder

Our Moringa Powder has its versatility in its usage and is always abundantly Antioxidant rich. The powder we sell is a rich source of vegetable protein ..  Read more…

Moringa Dried Leaves

In the ancient tradition of Ayurveda medicine, the dried leafs of Moringa is a chiefly used component for curing nearly 300 diseases.  Read more…

Moringa Tree Gum

Our moringa tree gum can be used to treat asthma, dysentery, fever, intestinal cancer and headaches.  Read more…

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Moringa Olifera Seeds

moringa seeds

A Coagulant protein food plant with high nutrition value:

Moringa seeds (Drumstick plant or ‘Miracle tree or Horse radish tree) are found in many countries of the tropics and subtropics. It has wide range of medicinal uses. It has been used as medicinal plant at least 4000 years. It has a good source of protein, B Carotene and Vitamins, Amino acids and Phenolics, combination of Zeatin,  Querocetin, B Sitosterol, Caffeylogeneic acid and kaempferol.

What is special about Moringa seeds?

These seeds possess antitumor, antiulcer, anti plasmodic Cholesterol lowering, anti oxidant, anti bacterial and anti fungal activities.

  1. They are seven times more vitamins than oranges.
  2. Four times the amount of vitamins found in carrots.
  3. Four times more calcium than milk.
  4. Three times more potassium than bananas.
  5. Two times more protein than Yogurt.

Nutrition Value:

NutrientsRDA in 25 g powder for childrenRDA in 50 g powder for pregnant women
Protein42 %21 %
Calcium125%24 %
Magnesium61 %54 %
Potassium41 %22 %
Iron71 %94 %
Vitamin A310 %162 %
Vitamin C22 %9 %

Proven benefits of Moringa seeds:

  1. Anti-oxidants- like the beta carotene Chlorogenic acid and quercetor acid it regulates the insulin hormone and slows down absorbing of sugar (removal of diabetes ) it is a boon
  2. The ante-inflammatory properties of Moringa seeds reduces soreness perks up the function of physical joints in case of arthritis
  3. Repair of mucous membrane and keeps the viscous vision intact
  4. It is rich in protein helps in the proper functioning of the body.
  5. Vitamin A which is present in Moringa seeds helps in maintain the integrity moisture of enhances the firmness of our skin.
  6. Stimulates hair growth and repair scalp damage
  7. Boosts immune system
  8. Helps to lower cholesterol and protects the health of the heart. It increased the HDL (High Density Lipid protein cholesterol
  9. This is especially important for vegetarian who suffer low iron level and enhances blood circulation.
  10. They act as a sleep aid.


The Moringa seeds is deemed safe in human structure; Moringa can have laxative effect in large quantities so a same dose to introduce it into your diet and avoid digestive problems is ½ teaspoon per day increases breast milk production. These seeds can be eaten as wets adding to the granola or cereals.

Moringa Powder

moringa powder suppiers

Moringa powder is packed with nutrients that enrich our system. It is gaining popularity as a new’ super food’. It caters to the need of the growing demands for the people who want keep their body intact by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

What is special?

It is also known horse radish tree from India- Pakistan -Nepal. It has been used for generation in eastern countries for the treat and preserve diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, Anaemia, liver and respiratory disorders


  1. It fights free radicals since it contains antioxidants called flavinoids, Polyphenols and aseroboic in the leaves flowers and seeds. These higher inhabitations of lipid-protein and DNA oxidation preventing damage and degradation of cells.
  2. It enhances the Neuro activities and supports brain health due to its antioxidant feature cures alzerners at the preliminary stage.
  3. Helps in organ function response to stimulus in changing the moods, stress, and pleasure
  4. Perfect liver against oxidation toxicity and damage.
  5. Wound healing: It has blood clotting properties in the leaves and roots seem to be one of the special properties.
  6. Fights against breast and colon cancer cells as they have emerged as the threat to life in a modern world due to changing food habits.
  7. Increases breast milk production.

Nutritional value of Moringa oleifera.,  Moringa leaf powder

Component analyzedMoringa Leaf Powder
Moisture (%)


Protein (g)

Fat (g)

Carbohydrate (g)

Fiber (g)

Minerals (g)

Ca (mg)

Mg (mg)

P (mg)

K (mg)

Cu (mg)

Fe (mg)

S (mg)

Oxalic acid (mg)

Vitamin A – B carotene (mg)**

Vitamin B -choline (mg)

Vitamin B1 -thiamin (mg)

Vitamin B2 -riboflavin (mg)

Vitamin B3 -nicotinic acid (mg)

Vitamin C -ascorbic acid (mg)

Vitamin E -tocopherol acetate (mg)

Arginine (mg)

Histidine (mg)

Lysine (mg)

Tryptophan (mg)